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Business Intelligence

Set of strategies and relevant aspects focused on the administration and creation of knowledge about the environment, through the analysis of existing data in an organization.


Transforme los datos con los que cuenta su organización en sus distintos departamentos en información que le ayude a definir estrategias de negocio. Anticípese a los problemas.

Decision making

Transform the data that your organization has in its different departments into information that helps you to define business strategies. Anticipate problems.


Pentaho is an open BI suite, which incorporates the main tools of the Open Source market. At the moment it is the most complete and widespread tool.. It has a large development community, which makes constant improvements and extensions in the platform.

Pentaho consists of an environment, which you can access via secure web. Each user displays all the elements enabled for his profile, which will include reports, OLAP analysis and dashboards with indicators and tables. You can generate new analysis views and new reports and save them associated with your profile, to consult them later, as well as export them to Excel, PDF or print them on paper.

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Pentaho Analysis Services: Whose code name is Mondrian is an OLAP server (online analytical processing) written in Java. It supports MDX (multidimensional expressions) and the XML query language for the analysis and specifications of the olap4j interface.

Pentaho Reporting: Consists of a presentation engine, capable of programmatic reporting based on an XML definition file. Many tools have been developed on this solution, such as reports, graphical user interface designers, and wizards. One notable use of this tool is the Report Builder for OpenOffice.org

Pentaho Data Mining: It's a wrap around the Weka project. It is a software suite that uses strategies of machine learning, automatic learning and data mining. It has series of classification, regression, association rules, and clustering algorithms, to support the tasks of predictive analysis.

Pentaho Dashboard: An integrated platform to provide information about your data, where you can view reports, interactive graphics and cubes created with Pentaho Report Designer tools.