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"The highest levels of quality without losing agility and flexibility"

The experience accumulated by our team in key multinational companies of our sector, along with the numerous collaborations and projects developed with large corporations, allows us to feel comfortable working with the most widely accepted methodologies in the field of software. All this without losing our identity, which makes us extremely flexible and agile. As each project has different needs, we use the most appropriate methodology for each occasion. When we collaborate in factory mode we have no problem to work with the methodologies chosen by our customers.


We put all our effort and knowledge in guaranteeing the maximum quality to our developments.


Always complying with the timing agreed with our customers and facing possible changes with the greatest speed.


We will be your technology partner, working with a flexibility such that will make us part of your team throughout the project.


Generally in our developments with final customer, we opt for the development of software in an agile way, we make software deliveries on a periodic basis to know our customer's feedback at all times. In this way, we develop and improve the software incrementally.

Mainly we work with the following methodologies:

  • SCRUMCMMi (Capabitity Maturity Model Integration): Model for the improvement and evaluation of the processes of development and maintenance of systems and software products.
  • METRICA v3



Design and development of IT projects, systems and products and information technology. Consultancy in the field of development and maintenance of systems and software products. Management and technical assistance of information technology projects.


Information systems that support the activities of development, support and technical assistance of computer systems and consultancy in the field of Information Technologies, according to the current statement of applicability (SOA).