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Por mucho menos de lo que usted piensa tenga su negocio operativo las 24 H del día, de lunes a domingo. ¿Por qué no competir con los grandes? No hay excusas, en el mundo digital las distancias son menores.

Accompanied by experts

We will accompany you throughout the process, providing our experience in online sales sector. A large part of our team has worked for years in the most important sales portal in Spain.

Increase your sales

In a totally globalized market, limiting yourself to the national market is a potential loss of customers. With our e-commerce solutions you can take the leap to the internationalization of your sales.

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision



In Renacens we bet on both solutions depending on the particular needs of each project.

Both are robust and reliable solutions.

We usually use Magento for projects of a bigger magnitude, since the development and implementation costs are higher using this platform.

Let us know your case and we will advise you on your best option.