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We have references of virtual classrooms for the training of prestigious customers such as BBVA, Deloitte and J.P. MORGAN.

Moodle is the free distribution course management system, leader in the creation of virtual learning communities.

Increased importance has been given to solid security across the platform. All forms are reviewed, cookies are encrypted, etc. Most text input areas (materials, forum posts, journal entries, etc.) can be edited using the HTML editor, as simple as any text editor.

It is a very complete solution:

  • Agenda with all kinds of associated documents.
  • Questionnaires / exams.
  • Surveys
  • Wikis.
  • Forums.
  • News.
  • Qualifications.
  • It allows to have all the courses that we want managed independently and with enrollment by course.
  • It is very simple and intuitive to use. For example, in order to upload the files of a subject, you will just have to drag the file, as we usually do with files and folders in a PC.
  • Advanced search.
  • Wide flexibility to set permissions for users, hide sections, publish and hide complete courses, ...
  • Backups.