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We work with a comprehensive response, which will allow you to manage all the resources of your company. Completely modular solution, with different plans including payment schemes for use in Cloud.


We also have solutions specially focused on the management of your relations with customers. Possibility of integration with your CTI call channel. Create extraordinary relationships with customers.


ERP. Odoo

Open Source Solution, fully modular, that allows us to manage:

  • Web: Corporate portal, e-commerce, blog and forums.
  • Sales: CRM and TPV.
  • Finance: Accounting & Billing.
  • HR: Employees, expenses, recruitment and fleets.
  • Operations: Projects, inventories and purchases.
  • Marketing: Mailing, events and surveys.
  • Productivity: Collaborative tools.


Open Source Solution, especially designed for customer relationship management:

  • Sales automation and forecasting.
  • Marketing management.
  • Automation of technical support.
  • Automation of call center.
  • Reports and dashboards.
  • Mobile SugarCRM.
  • Implementation both in cloud or on own server.