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It is called Management or Business Process Management (BPM) to corporate methodology whose objective is to improve the performance (Efficiency and Efficiency) of the Organization through the management of business processes, which must be designed, modeled, organized, documented and optimized continuously.   

The Process Management Model refers to the operational change of the company when migrating from a functional operation to a process management operation.

BPM is the understanding, visibility and control of the business processes of an organization. A business process represents a discrete series of activities or task steps that can include people, applications, business events and organizations.


Standards used in BPM:

  • BPMN: Standard notation for design of workflows.
  • XPDL: Standard language to describe a process in XML.
  • BPEL: Standard metalanguage for integration with other systems through Web Services.

Advantages when using BPM:

  • Standardization of business processes. First step towards quality.
  • Control of productivity and efficiency.
  • Audit and Tasks Follow-up.
  • Identification of processes to be reviewed. Continuous Improvement Tool.
  • Reduction of errors or omissions.
  • Improvement of E-business.
  • Help to plan and Management by Objectives.

Bonita BPM

Bonita Open Solution combines three tools into one: an innovative Process Design Studio, a powerful process execution engine and a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Bonita Open Solution defines the new standard for the management of business processes.

Business process management with Bonita Open Solution has many advantages for both your company and the key players in your BPM projects, such as business analysts, developers and end users.