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Increase Productivity

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits will be the saving of time by facilitating the access of your team to the files of the organization. Improve your management, accelerate your processes.

Reduce costs

It will save spaces that can be used for other purposes. Avoid the costs associated with sending physical information, while also improving security when exchanging information.

Secure your information

Protect your documentation from deterioration caused with the passing of time. You can store your information on your own servers or in the cloud. You can also choose a hybrid model with an updated copy at all times.


Alfresco is the open source platform for collaboration and management of critical documents for the company. By automating business processes that use many documents and enabling large-scale collaboration, Alfresco helps companies improve service delivery to customers and adapt more quickly to market changes.

Every day, more than 7 million enterprise users in 75 countries rely on Alfresco to manage 4 billion documents, files and processes behind the firewall, in the cloud and even on their mobile devices.

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It can be used in the cloud or behind a firewall. It helps to store and share the documents your company may depend on. Alfresco is designed for tablet portability and cloud power.

Alfresco integrates with MS Office, Apple iWork, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs and more. And it's open source, which means we can innovate faster and you'll never have to worry about content being stuck on a proprietary and closed platform.